Hire an Accountant or Learn Simple Accounting Software

In these tough times it is becoming harder and harder to find employment especially for those who don’t have specialized training.

Whether you are looking for a new job or are looking to change careers learning how to use accounting software such as Quickbooks can help you a great deal and here is why – all businesses need to do accounting so once you have the skills you can approach any business and ask for a job.


You may be asking why Quickbooks when there are other accounting software online. There are several reasons why this one is a favorite. The first is that because it is relatively easy to use many businesses prefer it. Its functions are streamlined which makes accounting easy. The other reason why this accounting software remains popular is the fact that it is relatively easy to learn.

In fact, you may not even need to go to a college to learn it. There are plenty of online tutorials that you can use to familiarize yourself with it. If you do enough of them and then test yourself to see how good your skills are there is no reason you won’t be as good as any other accountant out there.

If the online tutorials are not doing it for you you can always find training in a college near you and enroll in a class. As we mentioned, it doesn’t take a lot to learn it so a few weeks of evening classes should leave you proficient enough. The amount of money you pay for classes will depend on where you take them but it is usually affordable.

You can start making more money today by doing online accounting tutorials or taking a Quickbooks class near you; it will enable you to work as an accountant and administrator in almost any business.


Your Website Needs To Have A Responsive Web Design

Your Website Needs To Have A Responsive Web Design

No matter what type of company you are operating, you need to have a good website for visitors to use. However, if your company is solely online, it becomes even more critical that you pay attention to the design of your website. People often judge a business by their website and online content and you want yours to scream of professionalism and high-quality delivery of services and products.

Admit you need help …

If you are like the majority of business owners today, you know very little about web design and the intricacies of how you need to establish and maintain a web presence. This is partly because the process is new, partly because it is complicated and most likely because it is not your primary or secondary field of interest. Admitting that you have minimal knowledge about something is the first step in getting the help you need for it.

Learn a little about web design and internet marketing …

Although it is a good idea to study and grasp the basics behind web design, you should not worry about the deeper concepts involved and how to execute them. What you need is a sufficient working knowledge to discuss the matter with web design applicants or contractors. You should be able to ask questions and process answers well enough to know which candidate is appropriate for the task. This is similar to hiring someone for any other position in your company.


Some business owners will attempt to set up their own website based on the knowledge gathered from a weekend of studying ebooks and other materials on web design. Though you can go this route, it rarely produces excellent results. There are so many things that must be tended to that it can be challenging for a novice to cover them all. From responsive web design to having appropriate inbound and outbound links, you will have much to learn if you want to wow the world with your web design prowess.

Delegate important tasks to pro’s

Instead, hiring an expert in the field is a great decision. Much like allowing your accountant to handle the financial matters, you can have a web design expert make certain that your site is optimized in every way possible. Rather than bringing someone new in to the company, you can utilize contractor services for your web related tasks.

Pay for a site manager …

Once your site has been established, you will need someone that can perform maintenance and updates. Many designers have an option to call them for smaller tasks as needed, for a fee, of course. You can keep one or two on your speed dial so that you can reach them quickly when your site needs updating.

Among the questions you will want to ask candidates for the position are what type of search engine optimization tactics do they use and are they experienced in creating responsive web pages. During the interview process, you should request to see some of their previous work.

Check out their work …

Go online to the websites the contractor completed and take a look around. How easy is the site to use? Can you find everything easily? What about the colors: are they appropriate for the company and have they been incorporated harmoniously? If you needed to use the website, would you be comfortable doing so?

After all, you are going to trust this person with your business website. You should make sure that the staff of the contracting agency is able to do their job incredibly well. You should make sure that the site was designed by them. Usually, you will find a small notation with the name of the business that established the site design. This is the best form of advertising when located on a top-notch website.

Make a Decision …

If you have narrowed your choices down to two or three companies that appear equal in all other ways, you may want to think about who will do the best job fitting in with your office staff. Because the person will be interacting with your team regularly, you shouldn’t choose a contractor who rubs people the wrong way.

Talk to the contractor and make sure that responsive web design is part of the setup when getting your business site up and running. This is one important aspect of many if you want to reach the top of your niche!


Advice For Selecting The Right Commercial Office Cleaning Company

Advice For Selecting The Right Commercial Office Cleaning Company

Whether you’re a facility manager or a property owner, it’s important to ensure that your building is clean.

It’s wise to sign a contract with a reputable commercial cleaning company in your area, but that also means you will have to do your homework.


  1. Make sure that the company is well established and has been in operation for several years. You need services that you won’t be disappointed in, but that means also checking the qualifications a potential cleaning company may possess. When checking the background of certain companies, make sure to ask if they’re fully qualified to clean your type of building.
  2. What services can you count on the commercial cleaning company to provide besides vacuuming and dusting? Power washing and touch point cleaning are additional services you may be interested in, which is why you should inquire before you hire a company. Not all companies provide strictly commercial cleaning services, so be sure to check what you can expect.
  3. Ask all companies about the training requirements that newly hired staff members will need to complete. There are health and safety protocols that will need to be upheld, not to mention, staff should be constantly updated on the use of the latest cleaning techniques. It’s important that staff members also understand the types of cleaning products available on the market!
  4. Any commercial cleaning company you’re looking to hire should be properly certified in your province. Not to mention, the company should be registered with the WSIB and the employees insured in case of any accidents that may occur on the job.
  5. Being able to communicate effectively with your cleaning company is another aspect of the hiring process that should be considered. Professional companies have active phone numbers, online chat software, and email addresses that you can use to get in touch with them.
  6. If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning company that uses an eco-friendly approach to cleaning, make sure to discuss with them your options. Do understand that not all companies use green cleaning products, so asking is a good way to gauge how well they will work for your needs.

There are dozens of commercial office cleaning companies you can hire, but it’s up to you do the research.

Make sure to consider the tips described above for a foolproof background check!

Insurance Debt and Unclaimed Policy Payouts

Insurance Debt Issues

Nowadays, it’s hardly possible to manage anything without an insurance policy of some kind. Even if we don’t want to insure anything sometimes circumstances force us to do so. Insurance really is very important but it does need to be managed correctly. There are many who can’t afford insurance so as a result, are forced to take a debt. This kind of debt involves pretty good sums of money and it’s hard to pay back such a debt.

It really involves any kind of insurance claim you can think of. Professional liability insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, property insurance and so on. Quite simply, lower income people really have no way they can afford insurance for themselves and their families. They then have no alternative but to take an insurance loan and, as a result, incur debt. Most often, it’s usually health insurance debt. Many people have a hard time paying back their insurance loan and they have to turn for help to some debt services.

Such services provide different kinds of assistance concerning the management of the debt. They can provide insurance debt collection or they may offer special services for extremely poor families. Such families may even get debt relief or a debt settlement. If you can’t afford insurance and are forced to take an insurance loan, don’t worry about paying the debt. Just remember that there are some options that can help you settle things.


Unclaimed Insurance Issues

The total amount of unclaimed insurance payouts is growing every year. This it the main focus of a good part of the spam letters being produced by international scam artists these days. Unclaimed insurance funds and other would-be freebies are on the minds of many people because of it. Unclaimed insurance policies and the payouts associated with them, however, are not making any profit. There are ‘dead’ in some sense from the financial point of view.If anything, they may be accumulating interest for the insuance company and hsareholders themselves while in limbo.

Generally speaking, about a half of life insurance payouts are left unclaimed. It’s the family members’ responsibility to advise the insurer about their rights as a beneficiary should a claim arise. Of course, none of the insurance companies are interested in saying good-buy to the money so they’re not in a big rush to find payees. Needless to say, in most cases like mentioned above, there also is no secondary beneficiary established in a formal, documentary way either.

In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to remember to update one’s will and leave some explicit directions to the insurance company for these cases, when the policyholder dies.

Common Risks Accountants Mitigate – Public Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

If you are a practicing professional in any field, you need to know the hazards associated with it. Knowing the risks and taking protection against it is a necessity. The hazards of professionals, from lawyers and accountants to physicians, are somewhat common. Complaints and claims can be of many kinds, but it would fall in the categories of misinterpretation, malpractice or negligence. In the event of claims, professionals have to ensure that they are not financially inconvenienced from it. This is the purpose of taking Professional Liability Insurance. The insurance policy takes care of the financial liability that arises from claims.


Some practicing CPAs might feel that they are operating in low risk areas. Hence, they might feel that they can do without public liability insurance.  It is true that Accountants are better off than others, but it would be a mistake to take things for granted. You never know when the unexpected might happen. So, it is better to evaluate the possibilities, and take proper insurance cover. At least, you have the peace of mind of not paying from your pocket should anything go wrong. The possibilities of risks for accountants, as well as, risk management, have been discussed in this post.


Fraud detection

Auditing is one of the functions of CPAs when clients have high expectations of their fraud detecting abilities.  The purpose of auditing is to plug revenue leakage and identify weakness in the operations of a company. Detection of inconsistencies in accounting procedures and fraud are high on the list of expectations of clients. However, there are occasions when errors and omissions can happen. Theft and fraudulent activities might go undetected which clients can discover later and file claims. Regular risk assessment is essential for practicing CPAs and firms in order to remain covered by insurance.


Data protection

As a CPA, you are responsible for providing adequate protection to the clients’ data that is shared with you. However, data theft and loss is not uncommon. Even unauthorized access can cause enough damage. It is true that you will arrange for the best data storage services that are adequately encrypted, but is it foolproof? It’s difficult to say yes. Therefore, taking public liability insurance will take care of any eventualities, and you will stay protected.


Documenting the scope of work

The scope of work, defined in the contract of a CPA, is the first weapon that is used to encounter claims. Since the specific roles and responsibilities of the CPA are outlined here, it can be used as a solid defense. There should not be any room for informal contracts, and every detail of work and responsibilities should be defined unambiguously. When nothing works, fall back on Public liability insurance.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Dealing with M&A has increased considerably post recession 2008. In such deals, there are certain financial elements that are either suppressed or misrepresented. The full financial picture is not available. This can lead to claims that have to be encountered with the insurance policy.


Unless you can guarantee that you will never be sued by clients. Professional liability insurance is a must for you.